Voice & UC
Voice, video, chat and presence – on any device. Get down to business with communication services that work everywhere you are.
Internet and data services to keep your business at peak performance. Choose from xDSL, NBN, Fibre 400, and dedicated synchronous services.
Aptel Cloud. Better than Amazon, Azure, Telstra and RackSpace? Quite possibly, according to DPG Research.
APTel’s Hosted VoIP Telephony solutions and network infrastructures are designed and implemented in a High Availability architecture.
APTel prides itself on delivering an ‘always on’ internet connection by installing 2 links in each building for guaranteed service.
Our cloud platform eliminates the need for customers to maintain on premise servers and other expensive IT infrastructure.

Aptel Number Portability - Important Update

Please take note of the following updates in regards to Aptel's number portability status. Aptel is currently unable to port numbers out of our network in these specific number ranges only Read More...