Can I use my single office number on my mobile phone and PC to receive and make calls and transfer calls at no extra cost?

Yes. Subscribe to our collaboration plan and your phone on your desk, your mobile phone and your soft phone on your computer, anywhere, anytime will all be linked to your single office number. Never be out of reach again.


Is video conferencing included with my phone system?

Yes, collaboration subscribers get the “MyRoom” application allowing video conferencing from anywhere on any device. The best thing is that those who don’t have the same system as you can still join the video conference without having to install anything.


Can I instant message my colleagues, reducing the need to email, SMS or call?

Absolutely. The chat functionality allows you to chat to all your people from anywhere on any device and still keep it private within your organisation or enterprise.


What happens when my phone system breaks or goes offline? What is the cost to my business if this occurs?

This should never happen. The phone system backend has triple redundancy. Something that’s better than most. You do rely on your internet connection or 4G if using your mobile, but assuming that is up, your communication will never be down.


Are my calls included or do I pay extra? How much could I reduce my bill if calls were all included?

We have all inclusive plans so you’re never receiving an excessive phone bill ever again. We will assess your current spend and based on that we can offer plans for as little as $20 per month including all mobile and national calls.