Work faster, lower your costs & scale your business for growth

Why choose Aptel’s cloud services?

Aptel’s cloud compute, storage, apps and deployment services will get you moving faster, lower costs, and keep your business and technology options open. From large private sector companies to small but fast-growing challengers, Aptel Cloud services manage workloads for websites, enterprise apps, storage and archiving, and more.

Why use the cloud?


Cloud services unhitch your business from the limitations of in-house technology. That’s the end of management headaches, unwanted surprises and capital investment. It also reconfigures IT capacity as on-demand services. So all you have to worry about is a contract – management headaches and performance variances are no longer your problem.

Make costs predictable

With Aptel Cloud there is no upfront capital investment. Remove IT from the balance sheet and work with more predictable consumption-based costs. Pay only for what you use, and scale capacity up or down as your business changes.

Remain compliant

Aptel Cloud keeps you compliant with licensing and legislation.

Operate with more confidence

Aptel’s tier-3 data centres are located in Australia and comply with Australian privacy and management laws. Helpdesks in Melbourne provide support 24×7.

Top-shelf technology

Aptel Cloud delivers top-tier infrastructure and system platforms, and popular software including Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Office 2016 and a range of business applications.

Lower your carbon footprint

Cloud providers typically service thousands of customers from a single multi-tenanted platform, greatly reducing the energy consumption of individual customers over owned and operated IT departments. Additionally, Aptel’s green cooling technology further reduces carbon footprints.

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