Resilient network connectivity that won’t fail you

Networks are complex and sometimes involve multiple partners and systems. Managing costs and providing fault-free, end-to-end network services is tough work.

Leave it to Aptel. Our managed WAN solutions take care of the complexities – pulling systems and data from multiple locations and technologies into a single carriage service.

It’ll save you money and deliver a better overall service.



Multiprotocol Labelled Switching (MLPS) is a method of ensuring packets of data are delivered to the correct destination, and prioritised appropriately. These packets are labelled and as they pass through the MPLS network, are distributed based on each particular label.

We build MPLS networks to deliver resilient network connectivity for customer operations. They’re private, secure and accommodate different carriage services (layer 2 & 3 – EoC, EoF, xDSL, NBN). Quality of Service (QoS) implementations ensure network application streams are prioritised according to business needs.