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Aptel Communicator

Remove the complexity of owning and managing a business phone system with Cloud Unified Communications.


Beyond connectivity, Aptel has the most advanced telephony applications in the world today.

Aptel provides everything from the handset you use on your desk day-to-day, to the App that enables you to carry all that office phone functionality with you everywhere you go.

It’s your office in the palm of your hand.

Cloud is prevailing across your business, why not your PBX?

Lower Costs

Making calls, chatting and video conferencing between work colleagues and connected offices is free.


Scale and contract as needed to meet your business requirements

Increased Functionality

Gain access to functions for users as and when they need it

Greater Reliability

Access carrier grade redundancy provided by Aptel without the cost to each user.

Solutions to meet your profile…

Office User

Entry telephony replacement for office workers

Executive User

Advanced telephony including mobility reach for users on the move

Collaboration User

Unlock the power of collaboration across multiple devices

Features Office user Executive User Collaboration User
Telephone Features including: CLI Presentation / Restriction, call waiting call forwarding, in bound and outbound call plans
Hunt Groups
Music on Hold
Three Way Call
Directory Number Hunting
Selective Call Handling
Shared Call Appearance on multiple devices
Single Number reach on mobile
Busy Lamp Field
PC/MAC Softphone
Call Park / Pickup
Push to Talk
Do not Disturb
Instant Messaging
MyRoom Collaboration
Video Conferencing
File Sharing
UC-One and Communicator

The office, in the palm of your hand

Unified Communications

Ready to change your business communication platform?